Track the hour

Only the presence

eBadge, allows you to only track the employees actual presence

Only one entrance  and one exit

eBadge,  allows you to track only one entrance and one exit of the employees

Two entrances and two exits

eBadge,  allows you to track two entrances and two exits of the employees

Office or Smart working

eBadge allows you to track work from home or office

Three different modes to track the hour

with personal QRcode,with the reception QRcode, with the button 

Check your register hour previously saved

eBadge, allows you to check your entrance and exit using the calendar

Check your monthly hour report

eBadge, allows you to view the monthly hour report

Your profile can be easily updated

eBadge allows you to modify your personal data (Iban, Mobile phone, email .....)

Track the work hours

with the QrCode in  according with  gps constraint  

Check the saved hours 

    every day or by the monthly report

Monthly timesheet management

every month the employees can fill the timesheet and send it to the company for the approval

Registry management

the employee can update his personal data (iban, mobile phone, email …)

Vacation Request management

the employee can request the vacation and wait the company approval

Disease notification management Included

the employee can notify the disease and insert the protocol number